Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Masons in Michigan

There are too many Mason families in Michigan for me to cold-call to find the descendants of Mary Ann Lemon and John Mason.  I've been able to track all of their sons, but the majority of their daughters remain shrouded in mystery and veiled by time.  Finding the men was relatively easy as they were born within the time frame for them to have to register for the WW1 draft.  And finding them in the census records was easy because their mother was born in Canada and their father in England, the opposite of their mother's heritage; her mother being born in England and her father in Canada.  

These Masons haunt me.  Do they have pictures or stories of their mother's life in Canada?  Do they know more about Isaac and Ann?  Mary Ann Lemon was the eldest daughter of Isaac and Ann, named for her mother and her father's mother.   Sometimes I wish I were Canadian.  I'm sure it's easier to search for Canadian records if one actually is Canadian.   

The Lemon descendants should have received their packets by now.  I find myself strangely uninterested in getting out the other packets I've promised.  I'm waiting for photos that were promised but haven't arrived.  Karma.  I delayed getting the packets out and now the photos are slow to come.  I must prioritize, but I'm lethargic and feel dull.  I always feel this way after finding relatives I've been searching for.  Finding the descendants of Bertha Wilder has left me feeling a bit let down now that the excitement is fading.  I keep looking at the photo of Nettie Fredericks, trying to see her grandmother, her great-grandmother, my own great-grandmother.  What did Eva Wilder look like?  What color was her hair?  What did her voice sound like?  Was she kind?  

None of these musings is getting my work done, yet the musings persist.

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