Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Way It Goes

I love to research genealogy.  I'm also easily frustrated, so when I get blocked on a line, I like to work on others.  I'm one of those people on Ancestry who has more than 12 trees, only 2 of which are related directly to me.  It's fun!  It makes me feel smart, and I'm relatively good at it.  But a couple of months ago I got to feeling tree-bloated.  I went through all my trees and deleted more than half of them. 

So of course someone emailed me about someone in one of my trees, and Yay! I still had that tree!  But the tree with all the information on the family that had intermarried several times with that particular tree, well, that's one of the ones I deleted.  I deleted sources and records and pictures and death certificates.  Now I find that I really wish I had that tree back.