Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Note To Self: ARGGGGGGH!

I have been struggling with upgrading my genealogy site software.  I use TNG, The Next Generation of Genealogy Software, written by Darrin Lythgoe.  It is most excellent software and before I found it, I despaired of ever finding a cogent way of displaying all my genealogy information.  I really love this software, but it's simple in a complicated way. 

I haven't been able to get the site software updated because I've been trying to force Dreamweaver to submit to my will.  This will never happen.  *I* have to submit to *Dreamweaver*.  Steep, steep learning curve for me.  I love Dreamweaver, too.  I downloaded a trial version and am working with that and it's been only in the last few hours that I've been able to come close to achieving what I want for the design of the site.  Which is: to keep the same design. 

It sounds as if it should be simple, doesn't it?  Oh, I only wish it were, because it is NOT.

In other genealogy news, I received an email from a distant "cousin".  My 3rd great grandfather was Cyrus Meredith.  Let's see if I did that correctly: Cyrus to Rebecca to Clara to Russell (my father) to me.  Nope.  Only 2nd.  Anyway, the woman I've been corresponding with is a descendant of the brother of Cyrus.  She's been in touch with my late Grandma Lemon's cousin, Billee Longuskie Escott. Billee wrote a book, something that would have tickled my father no end, he being a frustrated writer himself.  My Grandma, Clara Herr, was the daughter of Rebecca Meredith Herr.  Rebecca was the sister of Ersell Meredith Longuskie.  How wonderful to find new relations!  I'm hoping for more copies of pictures because I LOVE pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I'm going to have to reconnect all the photos on my site, and add all the death certificates I've collected.  I have a lot of them. 

Welcome all visitors from Geneabloggers!  Not much to see here, but I do appreciate the visits.  :)

And now to bed.