Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Mystery of Abner Lemon

Abner Lemon, son of Baltis and Mary Mendenhall Lemon, born in Canada in 1825, married to Lucy A. Harmon, father of at least 6 children, property owner in Armada Township, Macomb County, Michigan, died in Coral, Montcalm County, Michigan and is buried in the Coral Cemetery where all of Knapper's mother's people are buried.  

On census records Abner states he arrived in Michigan from Canada in 1860.  I can't find him in the 1860 census.  I found a marriage record for Abner Lemon and Louisa Palmer Bench in Addison, Lenawee County, Michigan for 1885.  By 1900 she was gone.  I have a photo of her tombstone in the Coral Cemetery next to Abner's.  But in 1910 Lucy A. Harmon Lemon is found in Armada Township in Macomb County living with her daughter and son-in-law, Jemima and John Ball.  Where was she in 1900?  I can't find her.   

Abner, Lucy, their daughter Luella and son James are found on the farm in Macomb County in 1880.  Jemima is also there as is John Ball, though they are not married yet.  By 1900 Jemima and John Ball are married, but Abner is in Coral and Lucy is not to be found.  Abner is running a hotel in Coral and the 1900 census states that two children with the last name of Bench are his grandchildren.  

I can't find any record of Abner in Canada.  He should be in the 1851 Canadian Census, but their census is not searchable like ours.  Or maybe it is and I just haven't figured out how to do it yet.
There is a probate record for Abner listed in the Macomb County Probate Office, but I can't get to it online.  I'd have to send away for it or go in person to see it.  What would it tell me?  Is it a will?  And who is the mysterious John B. Lemon who was the informant for Abner's death certificate in 1900?  Is the Isaac Lemon found in Macomb and Kent counties related to our Lemons?  That Isaac Lemon had a son named John B. Lemon.  Why does Isaac B. Lemon's death certificate say that his father John and not Isaac?  

So many mysteries solved, but so many remain.


  1. awesome!!! now we know your secret story abner lemon =)

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