Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Masons found!

I've talked tonight to three people directly connected to Mary Ann Lemon Mason and to say I'm happy and excited is an understatement.  Isn't it strange how just when I feel ready to give up, I find that one piece of information that starts the chase anew?  

Thank you, Uncle Dick.

I now know when John Mason died, and the dates of death for one of his sons and a grandson.  This is as exciting as finally finding Bessie Finch.  I've now found almost every single descendant of Isaac and Ann Tiffin Lemon.  I feel so energized that I want to try to find the descendants of John Lemon, too.  

Cold-calls work.  Just make sure you have your facts at hand and don't be afraid or shy.  Like my friend Deborah says, "They can't eat ya."  And like B. Caldwell, RN says, "They can't take away your birthday."  The most they can do is hang up on you, but I've never had a single person do that yet.  

I've promised two more genealogy packets to Mason descendants and just finished emailing packet information to the mother of a third.  I'm so blessed to be able to find the descendants of my ancestors.

This is me, doing my happy dance.  :)

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