Monday, September 24, 2012

Lyons and Knapps and Bears

I've been working on Phyllis's family for a while now.  There are Lyons and Lyon.  There are Knapps.  There are ties and cross-ties and shirt-tail relations everywhere, all close by.  Phyllis lived her whole married life not 3 miles from the cemetery where her biological mother's people are buried.  That to me is beyond sad.  It's a tragedy. 

Phyllis's mother's name was Louise Knapp.  Louise's parents lived in Howard City, a few streets away from Jack's Knapp family.  There is no doubt in my mind that the families knew each other.  Phyllis's grandparents, George and Anna May White Knapp, were of a younger generation than Orlando Knapp, Jack's great-grandfather.  George and Anna named all their daughters with names starting with "L".  There was Lila and Lillian and Louella (which was also the name of Bruce's step-grandmother; Louella Jones Knapp) and Louise. 

Anna May was born in Deerfield Township, Mecosta County, Michigan in 1882.  Her father died somewhere around 1885 or so.  Her mother remarried and then died in 1887.  I can't find Anna until 1903 when she marries George Knapp.  I can find her two sisters, though.  Her older sister died in 1899 of Typhoid Fever.  Her younger sister lived with their mother's single brother and their step-grandmother, John and Mary Lyons. 

I went to the Altona Cemetery and found the Lyons, though I did not find a tombstone for Daniel Lyons, brother of Mary J Lyons White, mother of Anna.  It is a large plot and I'm sure he's buried there, but without a headstone, I can't say for sure.  It has crossed my mind to call the Youngman funeral home in Lakeview, just up the road, and see if they have any old records.  They did all the burying for the Lyons family. 

Maybe I will do that...