Thursday, January 3, 2008

Knapper (my ex-husband) and I connect families again

Those pesky Knapps keep getting mixed up in my Lemons, which is sort of funny, I guess.  And while not all the Knapp families who connect to my lines are his direct lines, it's still funny, I think.

Around 1992 I was given two documents by the Knapp family.  One was a genealogy of all the direct descendants and families of a man named "Deacon Isaac Knapp" right down to my ex-husband and I.  The second document was an interesting paper written by a man named Charles Knapp in the 19th century and mailed to all (I guess, I was never very clear on this part) families with the last name of Knapp.  It's apparently the lineage of William and his younger brother, Nicholas.  I've since learned that most of this information is incorrect, that Nicholas and William were not brothers, and that my ex's family is probably from Aaron or William, not Nicholas.  

But I am from Nicholas Knapp through the Tarbell side of my father's grandmother's family.  Still, all those Knapps from different lines keep intersecting with people from my allied families and it's sort of fun, in a weird and twisted way.

To put these matters to rest, I'm going to have one of my sons' DNA tested and submitted to the Knapp surname project and find out which line they are actually descended from.  I'd also like to do a maternal DNA study on my mother's side of the family as those are also very old names: Penrod and Hodges.  It would be very interesting to find out where we fit in.  DNA testing is 
expensive though.  And I can't do the Lemon side of the family as my father does not want himself or any of his sons tested due to a family secret.  (Babies born to the sister of my grandmother and given to her, the father really being my grandfather.  My father says that his father is his father and that's all there is to it and doesn't want testing done.  I've teased him that I'll get a sample from him after he's deceased, but he doesn't laugh when I say it, so I won't do that.)

I know that all my sons are the children of my ex-husband and my ex-husband is definitely the son of his father and on back to Isaac Palmer Knapp, supposedly the son of Deacon Isaac Knapp.
I'd like to pay for one of my Lemon cousins (children of the children of my great-grandfather, Isaac B. Knapp) to have their DNA tested, but that's sort of a tricky proposition and I don't know quite how to go about offering to do so.  

Anyway, I've connected the Finch family (Of Bertha Wilder Finch, Bessie Finch Frederick and Nettie Frederick Vaden Adams) to the family of Nicholas Knapp.  Seems the father of Alsey, husband of Bertha, was the great-great grandson of Clara "Choely" Knapp, who was the daughter of Ezra Knapp and Phoebe Fairchild.  

The more I do genealogy, the more I discover that we are all indeed related.  

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