Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Longuski, Langowski?

I'm trying to find Ersell Meredith, sister to Rebecca Jane, who married "a man named Longuski", according to my uncle's notes.  I did find her in the 1930 Census in Huron county, Michigan, but I can't find her in 1920.  The 1930 census gave me the names of her husband and children, but I can't find his WWI draft card, which is unusual.  He was born about 1893 so he should have one and finding it would give me the exact spelling of his name.  

I did stumble upon a large pile of Griffins, which was exiciting.  The Griffins married into the Merediths.  I'm still trying to find the birthplace of Charles Meredith who was born in 1761, maybe in Pennsylvania, maybe in North Carolina.  All that is really known about him is that he fought with the British during the Revolutionary War and so received land in Canada from King George.  My families are so diverse!  

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