Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Photos

Haven't updated in a while.  Work last weekend wiped me out.  But I did work on Census records and made some progress with those.  And I received copies of photos in the mail yesterday of the families of Cyrus and Rose Ruby Meredith and Charles and Rebecca Meredith Herr.  They're wonderful.  The picture now gracing the front page of my genealogy site is of my grandmother as a girl.  I think she's beautiful.  These pictures mean more to me than I have words to express.  I actually cried when I looked at them.  To see the faces of the people I've been searching for is almost overwhelming.  I only wish I had pictures of the Lemons.  What did Baltis and Mary look like?  I can't even imagine what Eva Wilder looked like.  And I'd love to see a photo of Isaac B. Lemon as a young man.  Somewhere there are pictures of these people, someone has them tucked away, not realizing how important they are.


  1. My name is Bonnie (Oglesby) Seter. I live in Sapulpa OK. I am searching for any information about Oglesby OK

  2. There's a town in Oklahoma called Oglesby? I didn't know that. My Oglesbys in OK arrived there via Kentucky. They are descended from Daniel Oglesby (from Virginia) and Nancy Sprague Oglesby. Some of their children stayed in Kentucky and some went to OK, along with, I think, their mother Nancy, though I don't have any proof of that.