Friday, January 4, 2008

Lint, Lint Everywhere

Sometimes when I get stuck on a family, I leave them alone for awhile and work on others.  This is what happened tonight.  I got stuck and started looking to fill in names, dates and places for Allied families.  You know, families that I'm not necessarily related to, but who marry into the families to whom I am related.  Or something.

So I started to work on the Lints and Kriegers.  These families married into the Knapp line.  Christian Daniel Lint married Lydia Ann Krieger and they produced a daughter, Sarah Jane Lint.  Sarah married a man named George E. Fike and THEY produced a daughter, Myrtie Sylvesta Fike, who married James Harrison Knapp, the son of Orlando James and Armina Cordelia Edmonds.  James and Myrtie had 3 daughters-only one of whom lived to adulthood-and a son, Hazen Harold Knapp.  Hazen's photo is the one that graces the main page of my genealogy site.  He sits while his new wife, Zelma Wright Knapp, stands at his side all pretty and pregnant.  I'm pretty sure that bump in her dress is my ex-husband's father, Jack Hazen Knapp.  Zelma and Hazen had 2 sons, Jack and Wayne, and then Zelma died during childbirth trying to deliver a 3rd child in 1931.  The dead child is supposedly buried with her in the same coffin in the Amble Cemetery.   

So James and Myrtie lived in Amble, Winfield Township, Montcalm County, Michigan where most of their descendants still live.  Even their daughter that lived to adulthood lived in Amble, one field over from the house in which she was born.  She married a man named Engebretsen and they had a tall, two story house that stood vacant and spooky for many, many years.  She and her husband had 3 children; 2 sons and a daughter, Myla Beth.  One night in the '40's they were coming home from a basketball game and were in a car accident and the three of them, the mother, the father, and the daughter, were killed.  The two sons were older and already married and out of the house by this time.  No one ever lived in the house again, but my ex and I used it as a...well.  We used it before we were married.  Later we ended up being given land next door to the house and we made our own home in the shadow of this spooky, vacant house that had some really great memories for us.  

Anyway, I digress.

Somehow, Lydia Ann Krieger Lint ended up dying in Amble and I think she's buried in the Amble Cemetery, which is on land given to Winfield Township by the family of James Harrison Knapp, and which is right next door to the house he himself lived and died in.  Most of the Knapps are buried there.  Orlando himself is buried in the old section of the Howard City cemetery.  I think he died before his son got the land where the Amble Cemetery is now.   

However it happened, Lydia died in Amble and a lot of her children ended up in Montcalm County, marrying local folks whose names are still alive in that area.  

Sometimes?  When I think about it?  I think how strange and odd it is that I know more about my ex-husband's family than he himself knows.  But then I remind myself that I have 3 sons with the man and those people are my sons' family, too.  Then I get back to work.


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