Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Masons in Michigan, continued

I cold called a number for a Mason family in Yale, Michigan and discovered they are related to Max G. Mason, the son of George W. Mason and his wife, Blanche.  While the person I talked to didn't have a whole lot of family knowledge and had never heard the name Lemon in relation to his family, I'm pretty sure it's the right Mason family.  Finally!  The young man (it was his father's number I called, and he identified himself as the grandson of Max G. Mason) said no one in his family has any interest in genealogy.  I told him I'd assumed that as I'd never found any hint of information on these Masons anywhere online.  He did give me places of residence for his many uncles, but all except one have unlisted phone numbers.  That was very disappointing.  I gave the young man my name and phone number, but I doubt anyone will call me back.  

It's still exciting to speak with descendants of people whose lives I've studied and researched.  Inside that young man are the genes of my great-grandfather's sister.  They live in the same place she had land in the 1800's.  The young man said that his grandfather, Max, had been living for many, many years on land that was "given" to him, which I assume meant had been passed down.  Max's father, George, was the eldest son of John and Mary Lemon Mason, so it's not unreasonable to assume that the land was passed down to him and then to his son.  And I've not been able to find any other children of George and Blanche.  I hope to learn if there are any other children, did they know and interact with the other siblings of George, do they have any contact with them now.  

There's always something to keep me pushing on in the search for family.  This is a major breakthrough in my hunt for the descendants of Isaac and Ann Tiffin Lemon.

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