Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Meredith and Wilder and Villro and--again--Knapp

Received two emails today from descendants of ancestors.  Very welcome letters.  More information was learned, family history discussed, and, as ever, I told a secret.  I have been told that my Grandma Lemon, Clara Herr Lemon, was very good at keeping secrets.   Someone told me "If you told Clara a secret, it stayed a secret."  I must not have inherited that gene.  I must have received the must-tell-everything-she's-ever-told blabber mouth gene because it's very rare that I'm able to keep quiet about something I know.  I think I'll work on that.  

Working on finding the Villros in Michigan in the census records.  Edward was born in France in 1848 and on one census record says he came over in 1850.  But I can't find him, even accounting for various misspellings of his surname.  I wonder if he landed in Canada first and lived there before going down into Michigan?  I'll check the Canadian census records.  

I also received an email from someone related through the Lewis'.   She is a descendant of Lucy
Jane Tarbell Lewis, daughter of Laban and Sarah.  It would appear that she and I are related through my Knapps, not Knapper's Knapps.  

I really believe we are truly all related in a six-degrees-of-separation kind of way, if not on a more genetic level.  

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