Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Software and a Thank You


My copy of Family Tree Maker 2012 came in the mail today.  Very exciting, and very happy am I.  I can sync my trees on my computer and online, which saves me no small amount of time.  Can you imagine having to enter almost four thousand individuals into a data base by hand?  Yeah, not fun.  So FTM 12 has done that for me. 

Someone messaged me on Ancestry.com and thanked me for putting Hulda Elizabeth Lemon's death certificate online.  Wow!  That was really nice!  I'd love to go to the cemetery and get a picture of her tombstone and add it too.  Maybe I can.  I'll ask Bruce if I can use the Blazer while he's at work. 

Did some tedious searching through Census records today and struck gold.  Found Lavina Hicks Lemon's family in Riley Center, St. Clair County.  Also found a whole slew of McNutts, which was her mother's maiden name, all in the same area.  Wish I could figure out who was related how.  Doesn't appear to be anyone researching the Hicks/McNutt families.  Too bad.  Have been trying to find more info on Jean M. Lemon, the child Lavina's daughter-in-law was carrying when she certified the information on Lavina's death certificate.  That would be Ella Bowman Lemon.  She died 6 months later, Ella did, leaving John Clayton Lemon, Jr, and his sister, Jean M. without a mother.  Very sad stories surrounding childbirth back then.  Mothers dying in labor, babies dying.  We almost take for granted that mothers and babies will be okay during the birthing process now.  Tragedies still happen, but not *nearly* as often as they did when mothers were mostly having their babies at home.

I have backed quietly away from Abner Lemon.  I'll ponder him another time.  

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