Thursday, May 31, 2012

Those Darn Knapps

I'm tired of them.  They're all over the place and mixed up in everyone else's genes, marrying right and left, confusing me with all their various offspring.  I liked genealogy much better when I only had DEACON ISAAC KNAPP (as I always call him in my head) and his family to worry about.  Even though the mystery of who his parents were drove (and still drives) me crazy, I could follow that line down with my eyes closed: ISAAC to Isaac Palmer to Orlando James to James Harrison to Hazen Harold to Jack Hazen to Bruce Eugene.  Anyone should be happy with 7 generations of wildly-mating Knapps...

Anyone but me.  The puzzle has my head ringing, my spidey-senses tingling.  I have long thought the reason Orlando James Knapp came up to Montcalm County was because he had relatives here.  I had a gut feeling that he was related to the Ferris' somehow.  Well, I've just spent the last hour reading a deadly boring "and their children were" document of the Ferris' and they did marry into Knapp families quite often.  No names that I'm familiar with, but still.  They're probably shirt-tail cousins, whatever that means. 

So I'm done with them for the night.  May they all rest in peace wherever their mortal remains are lying.

At least until tomorrow when I start digging at them again.


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