Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Lemmon Tree

Started another Lemon Tree.  The spelling is different; Lemmon.  I did this because there was another family of Lemons in Macomb County, Michigan in the same time period as mine.  They are not the same.  I cannot rule out the possibility of a relationship between them though.  It's very odd that another family of Lemons, albeit their name is spelled differently, should appear close to mine and not be related.  As you know, some of my Lemons moved from their home in the Northcumberland County area of Pennsylvania (where they moved after leaving New Jersey) to Ontario, Canada, so it is possible these "new" Lemmons are related somehow, but the Isaac Lemmon I'm tracing now was born in New York.  I've found a copy of his death certificate online (I LOVE YOU, Michigan), and he's an Isaac Lemmon Jr. 

There is also an Isaac Lemon family in Kent County, Michigan.  I haven't started to trace them, but I just might because, well, because I can.

This Isaac Lemmon in Macomb County was born in 1808, so his Isaac Sr could have been born as early as 1750.  His 2nd wife, his first having died before he left New York, has the interesting name of "Melvina".  Melvina Green.  It does look as though there is some genealogy action ongoing in that line, but not a huge amount. 

I did discover a Ruby married into this Lemmon family.  Charles Ruby married Isaac Lemmon Jr's daughter Orra Lemmon.  The information I found states this Charles Ruby was also from Macomb County.  Charles and Orra settled in the Evart, Michigan area where they are buried.  Isn't life funny?
Strange that two separate Lemon families married into Rubys. 

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