Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lucius Knapp

I've often wondered why Orlando Knapp went to Indiana.  The family of his wife, Armina Edmunds, were living in St. Lawrence County, where his own Knapp clan had settled, so why Indiana? 

There are people who say that the progenitor of Isaac Knapp (or DEACON ISAAC KNAPP, as I call him.) was a Lucius Knapp.  Not much is really known of him, except that he was in New York, (and, as an extra-special mysterious coincidence, lived in the same county as my Wilder family), left a will naming most of the people in the copy of the genealogy I first cut my teeth on in the 80's, and had a namesake whose wife went and became something of a big wig in Yipsilanti, Michigan after he died.

Doing Census work just now, I found a Lucius Knapp in Kendaville, Indiana.  There is something so odd about all the coincidences in my family.  My brother, James Lemon, has lived in Kendaville for at least two decades now.  But it would explain Orlando being there, wouldn't it?  One of the first genealogy self-help books I read made a statement that left a powerful impression on me:  "Our families did not move in a vaccum."  They moved where other family members were.  This would explain it.

And then I wonder why Orlando came here to Michigan.  I get the sense from all the research on his family that his parents were well off, or at least comfortable.  And Orlando was able to start a store here in Howard City, and left a great deal of land and property after his death. 

Sometimes I can't wait to get to Heaven and ask all these people to answer my questions.  

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