Friday, June 1, 2012

The Knapps and the Lobdells

Anna Eliza Knapp, daughter of Lucius Knapp, mentioned in his will as being the wife of Sylvanius Lobdell, is buried in the Black River Cemetery in Essex County, New York, with her brother DEACON ISAAC KNAPP and her husband. 

I discovered this today while looking through the list of every person recorded online as being buried in the Black River Cemetery.  This is a big thing.  To me it is one more link that proves the relationship of DIK (DEACON ISAAC KNAPP) and Lucius Knapp as father and son.  (Or son and father.)

Last night I posted about going through way too many names in a Ferris family genealogy.  I used the handy "find on this page" feature in IE to search for Knapp and Michigan, both words I found numerous times.  Knapps.  With the Ferris families.  In Michigan.  One of the places mentioned in Michigan was Hillsdale County.  Ferrises lived there.  And, I discovered today, Lobdells, of the Knapp-Lobdell family, lived, or at least visited there during the 1850 Census.  I also found a family of Ferrises in the same town, not far away. Hannah b. 1808 in N.J., John b. 1833 in NY, Anson H. b. 1833 NY, Lewis S. b. 1837 in MI, Melissa b. 1838 in MI, and George b. 1842 in MI.  So the husband of Hannah must have died in Michigan between 1842 and 1850. 

I made these discoveries while searching for Elvira Lobdell, daughter of Seymour Boughten Lobdell, son of Anna Eliza Knapp and Sylvanus Lobdell.  Elvira never married, though she told Census takers she was widowed.  I found one tree on Ancestry that said she'd married William Wallace Lobdell and gave birth to a daughter, Ruth, but I haven't found that to be true.  It's not impossible, but it's improbable. 

The 1850 Census in Hillsdale County, township of Somerset is rife with mistakes on Ancestry.  Names are transcribed incorrectly, families are listed out of order from each other.  Did the transcriber just get tired and say 'ta hellwithit?  Hard to tell.  But looking at each page was illuminating.  Many familes I'm researching are all clustered together.  I think some might have been there to celebrate the wedding of a female Lobdell relation.  There are a lot of Palmers and Chases around that area, too.  Are they related?  I don't have the energy right now to investigate.

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