Sunday, June 3, 2012

Knapp, Lobdell, Lobdell Knapp

So it looks like my Knapps married into the Lobdells at least twice, if not more often.  They sure do get around.  I'm running into age difficulties--who was born when, was it possible due to the mother's age...that sort of thing.  It can get frustrating.  I like documentation.  No, I LOVE documentation.  If I were rich, I'd send away for every birth, marriage and death certificate on every one of the over 4000 people in my trees.  But I'm not rich.  I'm me.  So I use Census records , and people NEVER lied to the Census worker.  And the Census workers had excellent, readable penmanship and never got anyone's name wrong.  Uh huh.

I continue working on the Knapps, working around the Lobdells, going from Essex County, New York to other states and places, and back again.  The Knapps used Black River Cemetery for their final resting places.  I've found many there, as well as quite a few of their allied families.  I wish they had more photos of the graves.  There's hardly any, but the transcriptions are helpful.

Something funny I've been meaning to mention here; lets you look and compare other people's trees to your own.  There is one Lobdell tree that has a great deal of information related to the Lobdells I'm researching.  The photo they have representing that family?  Two rabbits.  I didn't understand at first, but I sure do now.  Those Lobdells are like the Knapps!  They're seemingly in everyone's gene pool and all over the world!

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