Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Lemmond Tree

I'm not sure why I adopted Margaret Charlotte Lemmond McCord on WikiTree, probably because when I was adding my Lemons to the tree, her name popped up and I clicked on her.  I have the idea in the back of my mind for a one-surname website for Lemons.  The idea being that it would be a resource for everyone searching for Lemons.  And I was intrigued by Lemons in North Carolina because somewhere at some time I had seen that some of my New Jersey/Pennsylvania Lemons had wandered down south and started families.  Of course I can't remember now where I found that information.

I had no idea the magnitude of the responsibility one takes on when adopting a profile.  It's not just one person, you know, it's a family.  And Margaret's family included her unsourced father, her husband and his entire family who were almost all abandoned profiles.  And while it wasn't the McCords I was interested in, they were the ones with all the information spread all over and every where.  So having gotten most of the McCords cleaned up, I went back to Margaret and tried again to find this elusive John Lemmond.

I think I found him today.  Yesterday I paid for a subscription to  It was a birthday gift to myself.  I thought I was just getting a free trial 30 day subscription, but, once again, my memory failed me and I had already had one of those and used it up.  Instead of getting a free trial, I just paid for a year, and I'm glad I did.  I plugged "McCord" into it and "Charlotte, North Carolina" and got back loads of newspaper articles on various McCord doings in Mecklenburg County.  Again, the McCords were everywhere and their information has been relatively easy to find.  Most interesting has been the families surrounding them.  I kept coming across names associated with McCords and started looking them up and in a long, round-about way, I found, I think, Margaret's father.

John Q Lemmond b. abt 1821 in North Carolina, m. Harriet C. Means in on 2 Feb 1852 in Union County, North Carolina.  Margaret's mother's maiden name is listed as "Means", no first name given, on her death certificate.  I found Margaret in 1870 living with her parents and a virtual SLEW of siblings in Goose Creek, Union, North Carolina.  She's not listed in the 1860 census with them though.  However there are two Catherine Lemmonds listed in 1860 with John and Harriet and perhaps one of them is Margaret.  One Catherine is the oldest child, born in 1847, the other is 5, born about 1855, which works for Margaret, who was born in April of 1854, according to her death certificate.

I think I found Margaret's family.

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