Monday, December 2, 2013

Aldolphus Ruby: FOUND

I was a little angry with ol' Adolph for quite a while.  His was the only death date of my 2nd great grandmother's siblings I could not find.  And believe me, I searched.  I tried every combination of his name I could think of and still couldn't find it.

Then today, riding high on the emotion of finally finding John Bowman's DOD, I decided to do something I hadn't done; I just entered "Ruby" as the surname and plugged in the county where he'd last been into the place of death field.  Bingo!  His name was misspelled, and it says he was born in New York, but it's him.  While searching for him, I hadn't found any other Adolphus Rubys in Michigan except for his infant son who died shortly after he was born.

So.  He's found and I'm dancing in my chair again.

Adolphus Ruby Death Record

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