Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jacob Lemon Thompson

I was researching Merediths yesterday.  My father's mother, Clara Herr Lemon, was the daughter of Rebecca Jane Meredith and Charles Herr.  Clara's grandpa, Cyrus Meredith, lived to be almost 100 years old and it was his birth family I was looking at.  This was a large family with many sons.  One of Cyrus' brothers was named Joseph Meredith.   The whole Meredith clan moved down from Canada in the mid 1800's to the thumb area of Michigan. 

Joseph Meredith, brother of Cyrus, son of Jesse Meredith and Rebecca Smith, married Lucinda Cashall.  There was some confusion about his wife's last name.  I found it listed as Cassore in another tree and on the marriage record of Maude Mae Meredith, Joseph and Lucinda's oldest child.  But while researching the family further, I found a copy of their son's death certificate online at the Library of Michigan and Joseph was the informant for the details of birth and he listed his wife's name as Cyndia Cashall, and he would know his own wife's maiden name, right?  Or at least that's what I figure, so Cashall it is.

Their oldest child, Maude, married a man named Jacob L Thompson in Forestville, Sanilac, Michigan on the 21st of December 1892.  I found this record on, which I love.  I try to use information which only has an image attached as that seems to me to be the most accurate.  I started there and then started learning everything I could about Jacob L Thompson.  He was born in Canada in 1871 to John and Ann Wearq Thompson.  When I put him in as the spouse of Maude on, I got "hints" that he was on Find A Grave, and that Jacob Lemon Thompson was born to John and Ann in Canada.  Since I only have the American subscription on Ancestry, I can't verify for sure that this is the Jacob Thompson I'm looking for, but my geni-senses are a-tingling. 

What a strange coincidence if Jacob Thompson is somehow related to my Lemon family other than through the marriage to my 1st cousin 3x removed!   Because Maude's cousin, Rebecca Meredith, the daughter of Cyrus who was the brother of Maude's father, was the mother of my grandmother who married Russell Tiffen Lemon! 

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