Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bits of This and That

New genealogy site is being constructed.  I went ahead and hired someone to do it.  Only waiting on final payment (payday) for the site to become active.

Found and spoke with more descendants of Mary Ann Lemon Mason.  One of them said words that gave me goosebumps:  "I remember Uncle Ike."  Uncle Ike being my great-grandfather, Isaac B. Lemon.  I now have information on all of Mary Ann's children, including the daughters' married names.  Of course this means that I owe additional information packets.  I still have quite a few to get out and I hope to work on those this week.

Received in the mail a copy of a photo of William Joseph Oglesby Sr. and his wife and some children.  It's taken from a newspaper article so it's not really suitable for putting on the site, but it's wonderful to even have a hint of the faces of people I've traced so relentlessly.  I also found a link to a bio of him on the Union County, Kentucky website.  I have sent off an email asking for a copy of the bio and hope to hear something about that today.  I am hopeful that it will give more information on his parents and siblings.  That would be wonderful beyond words.

I've not been working too hard on genealogy lately as things are rather strange here at home.  My mother has been very sick and has basically withdrawn from everyday life.  It's put quite a strain on my father.   I'm also waiting for my income tax refund.  When that comes I'm going to get a new car and hope to start making trips to places my ancestors lived.  That sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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