Monday, April 8, 2013

One of those years, I think...

Genealogy and blogging have taken a backseat to life lately.  I paid someone to finish updating my genealogy website and tweaked a thing or two here and there and then just abandoned it.  Typical me.  I hit a brick wall and get discouraged and drop everything for awhile until suddenly one day, seemingly out of the blue, my interest is rekindled and I'm back on the trail of people dead hundreds of years.

I have emails to answer on, leads to follow up on, cleaning up of my website to do and yet I do nothing.  I was supposed to make a trip to Lansing to the Library of Michigan to see if I can find the obituaries of John Lemon and his son Frank, and see if the library has copies of Acorns to Oaks, the genealogy newsletter for Oakland County, which has an article on the Isaac Lemon bible.  I seriously doubt it's my Isaac Lemon, there were a few of them in Oakland County in the same time period as mine.  I guess that can wait, or so is my attitude lately.

Had a phone conversation with a descendant of John Lemon.  Her father was Clayton Lemon Jr, her grandfather Clayton Lemon Sr., the son of John Lemon, my great grandfather's brother.  I sent her email invitations to my site and to my tree on, but I haven't heard back from her.  I was hoping she'd have a picture of her dad and grandfather.  She said that her dad and grandfather were truck drivers, which is typical for Lemons.  My father and his twin brother were truck drivers, their father was a teamster as was his father.  Interesting how things like that pass down through families.  Her father sounded a lot like my father.

So until my passion for genealogy is rekindled, I apologize for the sparse nature of my updates.

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