Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's amazing how often coincidences appear in genealogy research.  I've been researching a family named Sutphin for a few days now.  One of the Lemmons (the ones in the same area as mine but unrelated to me) married into the family, or so I thought.  It's actually much more involved than that.  The families have intermarried quite a bit, and came to Macomb County, Michigan from the same town in Wayne County, New York.  It's pretty fascinating.

While researching these families I discovered that many of them had twins.  In fact, one poor family had THREE SETS OF TWINS and two single births.  That is amazing.   It's hard to imagine the poor mother taking care of all those multiples.  Remember, this was before formula, before day care, before many of the things we have these days that make our lives so easier and more manageable.  I can't imagine going through that. 

I got a package of pictures from my sister-in-law which included a letter from my Grandma Barnard to my mom.  The letter, written in 1995, tells some things about my grandmother's family.  Apparently my grandmother's mother was a twin.  Her twin died at birth. 

Isn't it odd that this all comes to my attention at once? 

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