Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Ruby Victory

My father's mother's people are made up of Herrs and Merediths and Rubys.  Clara Herr, the daughter of Rebecca Meredith and Charles Herr, Rebecca Meredith being the daughter of Cyrus Meredith and Rose Emeline Ruby.  It's the Ruby's I've been working on today.

One of Rose's brothers was Aldophus.  His first wife was named Victoria, and I've known that for a while, but could never find her last name.  Family Search gave me the names of his other two wives, but I could find nothing on the elusive Victoria except that she and Aldophus had 4 children, one a set of twins, and all but one of their children died, including both twins.  William Edward Ruby was the only surviving child of theirs, and he lived to be in his 80's.  But what was his mother's maiden name?  I'd only ever found her listed with Adolphus in one census record, the 1880 one.  I'm not sure why I did it, but I clicked on "See others on the page" on the index record and there living next to them was a family named Bedford;  William and his wife Victoria.  Huh? 

Just for fun I plugged "Victoria Bedford" into Family search and found she had married an Aldolphus Rube in 1879.  Yup.  I'd found her maiden name AND her birth family.  I was also able to find that she died in 1889 in Detroit, but her name is listed only as "Ruly" in the Family Search record, with her parents being William and Victoria Bedford.  I can't find a grave for her, and it's too early a death for her to have a death certificate online from the Library of Michigan, but I'm confident I've found her.

It's been a productive genealogical day.

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