Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things I Desperately Want


1. Access to the CD/DVD of the Richmond Review newspaper in Macomb County, Michigan for 1927 and 1928.  Those have the obituaries of Frank William Lemon, son of the brother of my great-grandfather, and the brother himself, John M Lemon.  I will find a way to read those.

2. Access to the obituary of John Clayton Lemon Jr., the grandson of John M Lemon. 
LEMON, John C; 79; Pontiac MI; Oakland Press; 1997-6-17; themike.  Who is "themike"?  How do I contact him?  Is he related to John Clayton Lemon Jr?

3. Access to the article "The Isaac Lemon Bible" in Oakland County Genealogy group's newsletter, "Acorns to Oaks."  My great-grandfather lived in Oakland County.  His name was Isaac Lemon.

4.To read the will of Abner Lemon.  There was a probate notice in the Mount Clemons Monitor dated 28 Sep 1900. 

5. To find death records for Isaac M and Ann Elizabeth Tiffin Lemon, who supposedly died in Goderich, Huron County, Ontario, Canada in 1873 and 1871, respectively.  I cannot find them in any Goderich Cemetery, or any York, Ontario, Canada cemetery, where they were married.

Doesn't seem like much to want, but it is. 

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