Friday, July 13, 2012

The Lemmon Tree...Again


I started this tree because down in Macomb County, a Lemmon female married a Ruby male.  Interesting, I thought.  I wonder if they're related to me and mine?  The Lemmons are, specifically, Orra Lemmon, daughter of Isaac Lemmon and Melvina Green.  Isaac and Melvina were from New York and moved to Michigan sometime before 1850, where they appear for the first time in Macomb County Census records.  They appear to originate in Lyons, Wayne County, New York, or at least, that's where I found Isaac Lemmon Sr. 

The most interesting thing about this Isaac Lemmon family is they have a son named John B Lemmon, born in 1848 and census records have him being born in Michigan.  Abner Lemon (remember Abner, the brother to my 2nd great-grandfather?), who died in 1900, had the information on his death certificate related to place of birth and parents, given by John B Lemon.  John B knew Abner's father was Baltis (and spelled it exactly that way, which is the way Baltis's mother intended it, as he is named after her brother, Baltis Titman.), though he didn't know Abner's mother's name was Mary Mendenhall, which is ironic.  Abner was a family name for Mary Mendenhall.  The children born to Baltis and Mary all had family names from both sides: Lemons and Mendenhalls.

So my spidey-senses tingle and I'm sure these Lemmons are related to my Lemons from Pennsylvania and Canada. 

The Rubys interesect this family, as I said, through Orra Lemmon, daughter of Isaac and Melvina, sister of John B.  She married Charles H Ruby, son of Thomas Ruby, who was the son of Elisha Ruby and Lucy Clark.  Elisha and Lucy came to Macomb County by way of New York also.  What's interesting here is that the brother of my great-grandfather's wife, Eva Belle Wilder Lemon (wife of Isaac, father of Russell Tiffen, father of my father, Russell Raymond Lemon) married a woman named Mary Jane Clark in Macomb County.  Her parents were Andrew and Eunice Cory Clark, and they are the right ages to be related to Lucy Clark.  Were Andrew Clark and Lucy Clark Ruby related? 

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